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 Resources/Support for those on the path to be a dynamic educator.
PfB Teaching Skills Workshop brochure
It's easy to register on line.  (register online)

click here to download 2014 PfB brochure

Teaching Skills Workshop schedule and forms

Once you register for your PfB workshop,
you will be be given a link to a lot of materials to download before the workshop.
  • schedule
  • what to pack
  • signing up for peer teaching
  • pre-seminar worksheets

Are their contact hours available?


For the face-to-face workshop: Lamaze International has awarded 21 hours of CNE credit for successful completion of this activity.  Lamaze International is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. This activity has been approved by Lamaze International for 21 Lamaze contact hours.  This activity is accepted by ICEA for 21 contact hours.  Lamaze International is also a provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. 

For the web based portion, an additional 4.9 is awarded.
Payment Plan form

Is there a PfB workshop coming to your area and you can't pay all of the registration fees right now? 

Go ahead and register and pay the $100 deposit.  Then download the form found on the registration page and submit it to PfB.  You will need to make monthly $100 payments until the balance is paid.  You will receive your Certificate of attendance when the entire registration fee has been paid.

Scroll down this page to find the Paypal option for $100 payments or balance of $395 payments.

Using the Military Spouse Education Funds (MyCAA)


PfB has been approved for using the Department of Defense (DoD) Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program! Learn more.

e-mail PfB for more information

Continuing support of your Workshop Facilitators
Your PfB Teaching Skills Workshop facilitators will continue to support you as you complete the steps toward certification.  Send them an email if you want to share a celebration or need support on a barrier.  For those signing up for feedback on your course design, your workshop facilitator will provide that. 
DVD rental of Lamaze class series
One of the recommended steps to become a CBE is to observe a childbirth class.  If that is not an option in your area, PfB has a set of DVDs that you can rent as an alternative.  It's much more fun to be part of a "live" class but this is an alternative when that is not an option.  Series are taught by Sharon Dalrymple and Ann Tumblin.
Lamaze resources and benefits


Open door to PfB Teaching Skills Workshops
Once you have attended a PfB Teaching Skills Workshop, you are always welcome * to come back to another Teaching Skills Workshop (either as an LCCE or if you need to "re-boot" as you become a dynamic CBE.  The cost = providing yummy and theme based snacks/beverages for the group - no need to pay the workshop fee again but let PfB know if you want to receive another set of Goodies/Seminar workbook) 
(* Occasionally a workshop may be sponsored by an organization and registration is closed)
Question of the Day Exam prep
PfB sends out a question of the day to those who attended a PfB seminar and are taking the next exam.  The questions will start on the exam registration deadline.
Workshop-based Networking Websites
PfB sets up special social network websites for each workshop.  It's a place for everyone to post introductions, follow-up on tasks started at the seminar, share resources and discoveries! 

Frequently asked questions

The best answers

When is it too late to register?

Typically, people sign up a month in advance.  Some register right before the workshop begins.  However, many workshops fill up and people have been disappointed when there is no space.  Also we ship materials a few weeks before/ plan food and it's helpful to know how many will be there.  However if you just heard about the workshop and it starts in a day or two, please sign up and come. 

If you sign up 30 days in advance you will receive a complimentary copy of "The Idea Box for the Creative and Interactive Childbirth Educator."


Do I have to buy a Lamaze study guide?

We feel the Lamaze study guide is a great resource.  You can purchase it at any time from Lamaze.  If you are going to take the Lamaze certification exam, it is required for new educators.  
It is over 500+ pages and packed full of articles and is organized in the following segments:
  • Changing the World of Birth
  • Professional Role of the Childbirth Educator
  • Promoting a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy
  • Promoting a Natural, Safe and Healthy Birth
  • Healthy Baby, Breastfeeding and Early Parenting
  • Teaching
When you purchase it, you are given on-line access.  IF you want a hard copy and are waiting for your FedEx discount that comes with your membership that you will receive after your workshop, PfB is happy to send the print file to FedEx for you and you can pick it up at your local FedEx office.  The processing/print fee is less than $30.  You can request spiral bound or three hole punched.  To receive a paypal invoice to pay by credit card, contact Teri.

Are there time limits?

Your complimentary Lamaze membership begins right after your workshop and is for the rest of the calendar year.  (If you attend a workshop after Sept 1, it will be for the rest of the year and will roll over for the next year.  Because Lamaze membership includes a significant savings on the certification exam, it's most cost effective to take the exam while that is still active. 
However, the workshop qualifies you to take the exam for up to three years. After that point you need to take it again.

Can I just take the workshop if I am already certified or am not interested in certification?

YES!  We have had many people who take the workshop for the contact hours or for fresh ideas.  Some are already certified by Lamaze, others are certified by other organizations and some are not interested in certification at all.  Anyone interested in stomping out boring childbirth education is welcome to attend!
We have a special rate for current LCCEs who come and serve as a resource for the group.  Space is limited for this special pricing.  Check out the registration form for the workshop you are interested in.  

Can I just sign up for a day and not the whole workshop?

Sorry, but you need to attend the whole workshop.  We can't award partial contact hours and it's difficult on group dynamics to have people come and go.

Can I bring my baby to the workshop?   

PfB loves babies BUT we have learned that it works best for the baby's mother, other participants and the facilitator if someone is brought along to take care of the baby during the workshop, and bring the baby in for nursing as needed.  We use also sorts of facilities so the arrangements/space  can vary.  And there is a big difference between a young baby and one who is in the vocal or active movement stage.  So talk with Teri or the host/facilitator before you register.    

I am an active doula. What if I have to miss part of the workshop? 

We often get asked this as we have had many doulas complete our workshop.  We will try to work with you if you miss an hour or two.  You are always welcome to come to another workshop if you get called out for a significant amount of time. This is a case by case situation and we always hope those babies wait!

I know it's not required by Lamaze, but if I want feedback on my course design I create, is that possible?

Yes.  Usually it works best to work with your workshop facilitator.  There is a small fee and online sharing through Google documents is preferred.  
However the PfB equips you with self-check tools that almost guarantee that your plan is interactive and dynamic!  

How do I find a childbirth class to observe?

Find the very best  childbirth educator in your area and ask if you can observe her classes.  Hopefully that "very best" person will be Lamaze certified but if there are no Lamaze educators actively teaching or others who are more highly recommended, observe them!  There is very little benefit to watching a poor educator or one who is not evidenced based.  If there is NOBODY to watch, PfB does have a series of classes on DVD you can borrow and watch.  It's not as much fun and rewarding as it is with real people and an instructor you can dialogue with before and after the program and may be a possible mentor in the future.
To find a Lamaze educator in your area, go to lamaze.org and go to the childbirth educator locator.  

When observing classes, remember you are an observer.  Try to soak in as much as you can.  Don't be disruptive.  Volunteer to help set up/take down and/or bring snacks.  Some educators allow you to observe for free, others have limited space and would have to turn down a paying enrollment to make room for you.  Clarify if there is a fee before you observe a class series. 

Even if you took classes when you were pregnant, you should watch another class.  You will benefit in different ways than when you were personally facing birth and trying to clarify all that information, skills, etc.

PfB has helpful forms to guide your observations.    

How can I arrange to be at births?

There are a couple ways to make the connections to do this. The easiest of course is if you are able to attend friend's and family member’s births.

The next possibility is to offer support to members of a childbirth class you observe. They will know you and may appreciate the extra support.

You can volunteer at a teen program, crisis pregnancy center, at the hospital.

Talk to your midwife and/or ob/gyn to see if they can help you. You can also talk to area hospitals to see if they will allow the observation.

There are now strict confidentiality rules that you will abide by, called HIPPA. You can get a special letter from Teri verifying your enrollment in the childbirth educator training program and your agreement to follow the hospital’s confidentiality protocols.

How do I set up practicing with an observer/mentor? 

Be creative! By now you have surveyed your community and know where the teaching opportunities may be. Connect with a LCCE and see if you can make arrangements to have her observe a class series you have organized or if she would consider allowing you to team-teach a session in her class under her supervision. Some experienced educators will volunteer to do this, others expect payment. Clarify these issues before you start to teach. Also remind them if they are an LCCE that they can claim alternate credit towards their re-certification for observing you! If there is no LCCE available in your community, you can select someone whose feedback would be helpful to be the observer/mentor. 
You can also design an teach a shorter program - like an early pregnancy class or a refresher class for second time mothers or a special review class for hands on labor support techniques.  The sky is the limit! 

Will I be able to find a job after I finish the program?  

This is the million dollar question and worth exploring before you leap into becoming a childbirth educator. Survey your community - who offers classes? Who is NOT going to classes and how could they be reached? Often times there are classes at the hospitals, faith-based organizations, child play centers, yoga/fitness centers, community centers, private OB-Gyn offices, Early Headstart. Talk to educators in your community and see if there are predicted openings? Is there a potential clientele to offer private classes to? Is there a need for special classes like sibling, over 35, pre-conception, grandparents, etc. etc. Take the time to survey your community.

The exam is several months away and I have completed the workshop.  Can I start teaching? 

The answer is yes. While you are waiting to take the examination and then waiting for the results, you can say you have attended a Passion for Birth workshop, accredited by Lamaze International.

I have taken the Lamaze certification exam, can I state that I am teaching Lamaze classes?


According to Linda Harmon, Executive Director of Lamaze International: "Until you hear about your exam results, you cannot hold yourself out as a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator  (or Lamaze educator) or promote that you teach Lamaze childbirth classes.  In the interim, you can indicate that you are a childbirth educator, who attended a Lamaze Childbirth Educator Seminar through Passion for Birth.  You can state that your childbirth education class is based on the Lamaze Six Healthy Birth Practices (assuming that it is).  Then when you are certified you are eligible to use the Lamaze trademarks and certification seal in connection with your class as outlined in the Licensing Policy."

I lost my certificate of attendance for the workshop - can I get a duplicate?

Yes, however there is a fee.
$5 for a pdf file sent by email for workshops in 2012-2014.
$10 for a scanned pdf document for workshops prior to 2012.
$15 for a mailed duplicate certificate.

Provide workshop date/location in Paypal comment box

Do you ever cancel a workshop? 
What if I have to cancel?

PfB HATES to cancel a workshop.  We work very hard when we select sites to make sure we are never in that position.  The host/local organizer promises to do everything in her power to spread the word and make sure there are at least 8 to 15 people excited about coming!
However, if only 2 or 3 people and the host register, we will have to cancel.  It's not only a financial issue but there is not enough "group" for group dynamics, learning from each other and interactive activities.  If your seminar is cancelled, you will be offered a refund and receive a coupon for $100 off another seminar.  It is recommended before you book non-refundable airline tickets that you check with PfB to see how registrations are going.
If weather or illness or family emergency impacts the seminar's Learning Facilitator, PfB will work hard to substitute another trainer or delay the start (weather) but try hard not to cancel.  These things will be handled obviously case-by-case. 
What happens if I register for a workshop and have to cancel?
The $100 deposit/registration fee paid to hold your space is NOT refundable.  It is transferable if requested at least 30 days in advance. 
The balance of workshop fees are not refundable but are transferable.  However, if you cancel late (within 21 days of the workshop), there is an additional $100 fee to transfer your workshop fee.
All requests for transfer/cancellation must be sent in writing.

I love what PfB is doing.  Can I make a donation to a scholarship fund? 

YES, YES, YES! We would love to expand our capabilites to award more scholarships, especially to those educators who want to reach communities who are not provided resourcesto take empowering childbirth education classes. You can donate directly to PfB or if for tax reasons it may be advantageous to donate directly to Lamaze International (non-profit 501-c3 status) and they will earmark funds for PfB participants. Thank you! Contact Teri

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