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How is Passion for Birth unique?


Teri Shilling, the CEO (Creative Energy Organizer), is on a personal mission to stomp out boring and ineffective childbirth classes. Too often when she asks parents if they took childbirth classes, they will respond, "yes, but they didn’t work" or "yes, but they were boring." By completing the PfB program, you can be confident that the word "boring" will never cross the lips of your class participants!! All of the trainers who lead the seminars are committed to facilitating interactive, dynamic, evidence-based programs. We model what we preach. All of us are doulas, (attending births as our travel schedule allows) and we are still active childbirth educators in our communities.
PfB hopes everyone will take the Lamaze International certification exam. Proudly we can say that we have had an extremely high pass rate for people who are writing it in English as their first language. For those who are taking the exam in other languages than English, it’s more challenging. (very do-able but challenging.) They are still dynamic, incredible educators!

PfB Workshop Schedule

DAY ONE of the Passion for Birth workshop
8 - 5
# 1: Let's Get It Started
Right from the beginning, start with effective (and fun) ways to open your childbirth classes.
# 2: Stomp out
BORING CB education
Fill your "tool box" of teaching strategies with ways not to be BORING!
Road map -
where to go from here
Examine the Healthy Birth practices and discover the steps to become a Lamaze educator to promote them.
Putting the pieces together:
designing a CB course
Working as a team, you will develop a flow to the core topics of a Lamaze class and walk away with a dynamic plan - whether it be a 6 week or 2 day birth class (and everything in between)
The important mantra:
Increase confidence and decrease fear
Explore methodologies to increase confidence and decrease fears.
The Incredible Pregnant Body
Discuss key healthy pregnancy topics and how to efficiently incorporate those into your childbirth program.
The Great Motivator:
pain or no pain
From a vast list of options, choose dynamic ways to address PAIN in your childbirth program.  
Let the fun begin:
quick small group teachbacks
You'll have fun creating a mini-session with a small group that will WOW the others. 
DAY TWO of the Passion for Birth workshop
8 - 5
Embracing Research
Be confident (and competent) in accessing and researching the evidence behind what we teach. 
Stand by me -
Labor Support

From the now infamous "labor tool belt" to the comfort measure relay race, experience ways to increase the involvement of the labor partner. 

The 3 Rs - 
rhythm, ritual, relaxation

Experience interactive ways to weave in breathing into sessions on rhythm, ritual and relaxation. 

Opening  -
it's what birth is all about

From endorphin stars to the ping pong ball in a balloon to charting a labor with the roll of a dice, no need to yawn in this session. 

The Big Push -
stop counting to ten

You can never have too many ways to teach about keeping the body moving to help that baby come out! 

The tough stuff :
The unexpected
The Interventions
Equip yourself with plenty of strategies to remove the "dread" out of teaching about when the unexpected happens or about medical interventions.
Being in touch -

Make sure you are  up to date about Baby-led and Laid back breastfeeding.  Discuss ways for parents to see the benefits of the magical hour immediately after birth!

Postpartum -
the reality sets in

Add tried and true methods to your cb program such as Parenting stations, Postpartum robe,  Put A Sling On It.

DAY THREE of the Passion for Birth workshop
8 - 4ish
Creating a Course Design:
Instead of focusing on generic objectives with the catch all phrase...will be able to.... learn how the P- P-P and the T-T-T process can make your task of creating a learner centered program so much easier! 
Peer Teaching/facilitation
Hands down, this is rated as one of the best sessions in every workshop - where you learn from each and share creative and effective ways of facilitating learning! 
The $$$ Side of Things
Get all your questions answered about the financial aspects of being a childbirth educator!  
The Taters:
juggling group dynamics
Brainstorm various ways to facilitate the diverse members of your childbirth program - ranging from Agi-tater (who makes everyone mad) to what to do if the Tater Tots (young children) come to your program!  There's over a dozen members of the "Tater" family!  
Repeat, Review and Reinforce
and Do the Right Thing
From beginning to end, fill your idea tool box with strategies to reinforce the information, inspiration, and skills in your childbirth program.  
Creating Meaningful Closings,
and Keeping Connected!
Join your new "BFFs" in toasting to the mission of stomping out boring childbirth classes! Discuss ways to create a meaningful closing, an efficient  evaluation system, and a long term on line supportive community!
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Passion for Birth (PfB) knows to "stomp out boring childbirth classes" is a HUGE challenge but we are working to inspire, support and equip childbirth educators around the world to be dynamic and evidenced-based while including "fun" and interactivity in their classes!  
What will I gain by coming to a PfB workshop?
  • you'll be more effective and interactive!
  • you'll build skills and learn techniques you can use immediately.
  • you'll learn and retain more in 3 days than you can imagine.
  • you'll increase your networking resources.
  • you'll get great resource materials.
  • and so much more.
Who comes to PfB workshops? 
People who are just starting on their path to become childbirth educators as well as experienced educators who are looking for fresh ideas or others who are interested in pursuing Lamaze or ICEA.  Most groups include  nurses, doulas, new moms who were inspired (or traumatized) by their births,  "natural" educators from other disciplines, social workers and people who just know that they want to become a childbirth educator!  

What are people saying about their Pfb seminar?

From the written evaluation from a recent seminar:
"By completing this seminar, how has your teaching improved?"
  • I was inspired to get my class  up and moving more
  • I got a lot of ideas for visual aids, I am more excited, more confident
  • Less talking and more hands-on.  More confidence that I can do this
  • No more boring lectures
  • More ways for interaction
  • Having another way at look at things
  • I feel I now have a dose of contagious enthusiasm to pass on to my students.  My classes will be much more interactive, fun and memorable
  • So many new ideas to get the point across
  • More creative, more interactive
  • Gave me a great base to develop my plan
  • Immensely! Total change in my scope of teaching and practice
  • I’ve learned new teaching ideas!!!!

The Vision

(adapted from the Lamaze International vision)

For women and their partners around the world to be inspired to seek normal birth*, igniting their confidence within, facing fears and celebrating strengths.

*normal birth is defined as waiting for labor to start on its own, with its own rhythm and pace without routine medical interventions, choosing upright positions to facilitate birth, having continuous skilled support and immediate skin-to-skin contact between mom and baby. 

The Mission 

To stomp out boring childbirth classes by supporting and mentoring a passionate team of creative, inspirational, and interactive childbirth educators around the globe who will reach out in their communities to offer education to pregnant women and their support team.  We envision all programs being open, accessible and dynamic.

We are diverse and passionate.  We open our arms and hearts to non-traditional childbirth educators.

We weave the Lamaze International philosophy into our work.  We hold the Lamaze certification as the gold standard.

We aspire to spread the passion for birth.

Guiding Principles

Knowing is an active verb.  According to Mary Belenky and colleagues in Women's Way of Knowing, when a woman learns she moves from accepting knowledge, to questioning how it fits in her life, to shaping the knowledge so that it has meaning and use in her context.

We will design learning tasks to facilitate that process. 

All programs will focus on ideas/concepts (wisdom - mind), feelings/attitudes (courage - hear) and skills (strength - body) and ultimately will tap into the inner wisdom/strength each of us has.  We believe that learning is most effective when we are actively engaged - cognitively, emotionally and physically.  We invite critical thinking, demand reflection and stimulate creativity.

Learning does not occur in a vacuum and cultural awareness will be a foundation, supporting what we do.