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Message from Teri


Thanks for considering joining Passion for Birth! Our enthusiasm can be contagious!  We love what we do! 

Are you wondering why you can't learn how NOT to be boring on-line? 

We are often asked if there is any way to complete the Passion for Birth program without attending a 3 day workshop.  As we haul our overstuffed suitcases through airports, it's tempting to think about doing things on-line or converting to PowerPoint. BUT, what happens during the workshop in small groups of "passionate" people who are or who are becoming incredible childbirth educators is almost "magical."  There is lots of discussing, questioning, individual support as well as a ton of ideas shared. We often hear that being a part of a lot of interactive exercises makes it so much easier to adapt and use them than just reading about it.  The workshop includes everything from creating a course design, reviewing the current research, brainstorming how to deal with group dynamics to creating effective (and low cost) visual aids that increase retention. We'll cover ways to increase confidence/decrease fear; address pain in a multitude of different ways, and incorporate unexpected outcomes. One of the most popular sessions is when everyone model teaches where we become the people in your childbirth class. By the end of the workshop, a commitment (or a renewal) to not being boring is made!
"But  I like working at odd hours when the house is quiet"
And trust us, if you are becoming Lamaze certified, the Study Guide is quite extensive and as you work through it, you will be spending lots of time on-line! In addition, Passion for Birth already has lots of web-based support (discussion boards, webinars, email lists, seminar specific websites, etc) to supplement your seminar and support you as you find your way to be an incredible childbirth educator. So right now while you can do most of the "work" of being an effective, evidenced based educator on your computer "in your pajamas in the middle of the night" as you work through the study guide, create your course design and "chat" with others on the PfB boards, we hope you can find space in your busy life to come to a workshop where we model what we "preach" and you will leave inspired! (and equipped with so many teaching strategies, unique visual aids and confidence that you know the evidence that supports normal, active birth that your teaching bag will be as overstuffed as ours!)
One way I have avoided the "boring" trap is by having at least 10 ways to teach every topic.  It keeps me fresh and I can choose the teaching methodology based on the needs of the group.
So I hope we see you soon at a PfB workshop!  We have a lot to learn from each other!  
with a passion for birth,