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Steps to certification

While PfB is accredited by Lamaze, we are also approved by ICEA. Click logo for information.  icea.jpg

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Passion for Birth is accredited by Lamaze International.
NEXT EXAM: Oct. 23 - 25, 2014


 If you attended a PfB CBE workshop:
make sure to let Teri know that you have completed your registration for the exam,
so you can receive the PfB the question of the day review program. 

What do you have to complete to take the Lamaze exam?
Basically if you attend a PfB seminar, you must:
  • show proof of teaching with a mentor/observer* and work through the Lamaze Study Guide
  • show proof of teaching at least 60 hours of childbirth classes.
Do either of those and you meet the qualifications to be able to take the Lamaze Certification exam.These requirements changed in 2010.
We still STRONGLY recommend that you observe a class series, attend at least 3 births, create a course design (and have it reviewed by a PfB trainer) and teach a class series with an observer/mentor.  We feel by completing all those steps you are well on your way to being a dynamic, effective childbirth educator and have increased your knowledge and wisdom to be able to pass the Lamaze certification exam. However, those steps are RECOMMENDED, no longer REQUIRED by Lamaze beginning in 2010.
*the length of the teaching experience and the qualifications of the observer are NOT specified.  Choose the length and the observer that would be the most valuable for you. 

Lamaze recommended reading

Lamaze has simplified things - there are now 5 highly recommended books.  You will need to do a little self-assessment to see if you have other areas that would benefit from a little advanced reading.  


This book is vital in preparing for the certification exam.


This is a valuable resource book to have on your shelf and is one you should review to recommend to people in your classes.

Lamaze contracted with the Family Way to convert this guide to a Toolkit for Lamaze.  While the information is basically the same, there is a significant difference in cost as well as format (pdf vs hard copy) 


About this book:

This publication is an indispensable nuts and bolts teacher’s guide for the childbirth educator. The subjects addressed in the popular handbook Prepared Childbirth – The Family Way are matched with teaching tips. It also includes relaxation scripts, masters for making transparencies (including beautiful color illustrations), suggested course outlines, a valuable list of resources for teaching aids books, Web sites and much more. This is a must have for both new and experienced childbirth educators.

Lamaze recommends reading at least one breastfeeding book.  This is written by one of lead facilitators - Robin Weiss - and I highly recommend it. 

Lamaze recommends reading Optimal Care in Childbirth by Heci oer and Amy Romano.