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Bring a PfB workshop to you!

Bring a PfB workshop to your neighborhood!
More information:

PfB Info on hosting a workshop

PfB Host Agreement form

"Worker Bee" Information

Sometimes the host fills the worker bee role.  When the training is at a "Passioneer's (facilitator's) facility or rented space, there may be a need for a worker bee.  If there is an opening, it will be listed as available on the registration form.  They tend to be taken quickly.

PfB Worker Bee role

PfB Worker Bee agreement

Snacks and Recipes

After you have signed and submitted the host and/or worker bee agreement, contact PfB for the recipes and shopping list handouts.  

I have read everything and I am ready to host! Here's my application:

Full name:
Email address:
Where would you like to host? (Include city, type of facility/location, and approximate month)
How many people do you know who might be interested?  What kind of marketing will you be able to do? (example: postcards to hospitals, e-mail lists I am a member  of (give examples), through my birth network or ????)