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Who we are - the "Passioneers"

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Some of our "Passioneers" are not actively leading workshops but they are still inspirational! 

Teri Shilling, MS, CD(DONA), IBCLC, LCCE
CEO and Founder
As CEO, Teri is the Creative Energy Organizer! She is the creator of The Idea Box for the Creative and Interactive Childbirth Educator and its supplement Staying Energized.
In addition to PfB I am also a DONA doula trainer for the Simkin Centerl/Bastyr U. I am a past president of Lamaze.  Locally I am a member of Skagit County Breastfeeding Coalition and a member of PATTCh.
I teach for two local hospitals and serve as a lactation consultant at one.  I very occasionally attend births as a doula, when it fits with my travel schedule.  My two kids are now adults and continue to be my pride and joy.  
Liz Abbene

Rina Crane

Sharon Dalrymple 

Melissa Harley

Sharon Muza, BS, CD(DONA), LCCE
 Sharon Muza is a certified birth doula, independent Lamaze certified childbirth educator, and DONA approved doula trainer living in Seattle, Washington.   She has an active birth doula practice in Seattle, serves on the faculty of the Simkin School, Seattle Midwifery, Bastyr University as a doula trainer and is the co-leader of ICAN Seattle   She teaches birth classes independently as well as for other Seattle organizations and also serves as President of REACHE  (Regional Association of Childbirth Educators of Puget Sound)  She loves living in Seattle with her two daughters, Hannah and Sophie and their golden retriever Katie.  Check out New Moon Birth to learn more about what keeps Sharon busy in Seattle.

Teresa Navarro, LCCE 
I believe in the power of Nature. I believe in the power of Women. And I believe in the power of Love. I've seen the miracle of the three becoming one during Birth...
That is my passion !

I am also a Psicologist, Bach Flower Therapist, LCCE, Doula in Training for Dona International and International Dona Approved Birth Trainer. Director and Founder of Centro Mae


Pat Predmore
Patricia has been a childbirth educator for over 25 years, and clearly loves what she’s doing.  She gave birth to her business Birth Matters! 18 years ago and in 2007 opened a center dedicated to the education and support of women and their families throughout the childbearing year in Rochester, NY.  She has been supported in this joyous labor by her husband, John, and three amazing children, Karen, Laura and Nathan, and by many wonderful women who believe that a woman's birth experience does matter!.  She is a nurse, Lamaze certified childbirth educator (also FACCE), a DONA certified doula and birth doula trainer, the immediate past DONA International Director of Education. 
Jesse Remer
Connie Sultana, BA, CD(DONA), ICCE, LCCE
Connie thrives on working with pregnant families in various settings. She has worked with teens in inner-city Cleveland, with the Amish and Mennonite in the Ozarks, and with her neighbors in the wine country of California. Her email is conniesultana@sbcglobal.net

Ann Tumblin
Ann loves birthing, the beach, and tennis.  She has been teaching Lamaze for 30 years and recently attended her first grandbaby's birth.  She loves helping new cbes and doulas.  You can contact her at atumblin@aol.com or her website, ncdoula.com
Robin has been a childbirth educator for nearly 20 years. She also enjoys attending births as a certified doula to make practical use of her classroom skills. She is an author and the guide on pregnancy.about.com .  She is also active on birthactivist.com and her personal website is robineliseweiss.com